Feel Good Moment

Today I received an email from a teacher asking for some ideas to help her with a class.  I was so excited to see this email for a few reasons. Firstly, any time someone asks for my opinion, I feel flattered.  To me it’s a nod of approval for what I have done or am doing.  You don’t always have students running to you with overt thanks, nor do admin always gush forth with praise.  Having a colleague appreciate something you do and ask for some ideas is very rewarding to me.

Another reason I was pleasantly surprised was that this woman and I do not work in the same board, nor do we really know each other.  One of her school colleagues attended a session I led at a conference and took back some ideas and used them in her class.  She enjoyed the session, learned and used this information and felt comfortable enough to pass along my name.  (we briefly chatted at the session and I mentioned I would be happy to help however I could.)

As I have noted far too many times in this blog, I was new to conferences and very wet behind the ears in terms of presenting at them. (Note – never done it before!!).  I don’t know if I talk too slow, fast, quiet, loud. I may think I’m funny, engaging, and knowledgable. My audience may not.

I will note my board colleagues gave me excellent reviews to help boost my confidence.  This is much appreciated. Today’s email was rewarding in a different way.  My seminar was valuable to someone.  It was used in a class.  My tutorials were watched.  And I was reminded of this fact months after I delivered my message.  I too quickly took to heart the negative feedback and constantly worried after the fact. Today, hearing from someone just like me, made it that much easier to just be happy and remember that it’s ok to be wherever you are on the road, as long as you are moving forward.


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