Let me first begin by saying I am fully aware newspapers still get printed. And magazines.  I am also aware of the envinronmental concerns about using paper and recycling. This post is all about nostalgia, so don’t go worrying about how wrong I am.

I am one of those people who likes the feelings and sounds of a newspaper. (Or book or magazine). Yes. I like to flip pages, dog ear leaves, crinkle and fold, snap back into position. I don’t even mind rinsing my hands of ink when I’m finished. I like to hold a paper in my hands.

Yes, I understand technology. Yes, I can subscribe to online versions, see the video, link to more on the story, find out about the contributors, see more photos.  Yes I understand the cost of print has increased and it’s easier to carry a phone or tablet in my purse. I’m aware of all the ways reading the news is easier, cleaner, and faster.

But I’m celebrating the newspaper today. When I was a kid, if you got your name mentioned in the paper, it was a BIG deal. “Eva Thompson also ran.” Didn’t matter what it said, that is me! You got the scissors out and put the fridge magnets in the corners and maybe even highlighted your name.  The unadulterated joy of an actual picture? You had to laminate that! I was doing something fun, noteworthy, giving, skilled, and the newspaper was there to capture the moment. That was something special that was kept in the baby book for years to come.  It was a rare and special treat because you knew most of the city could bear witness to you and your accomplishment.

These days, the newspaper doesn’t seem to hold the same cache.  With the advent of social media, we can post pictures of ourselves, comment on others, create our own videos, write blogs, and we find our own audience, I get it. I use it. I’m using it now. It’s exciting and powerful and you find an audience that supports you and looks forward to your posts.  We have access to what we want when we want it and can choose how to have it delivered.

I just miss the newspaper. I realize we can no longer have one medium that appeals to the masses. Even newspapers have their own biases. I liked finding garage sales and coupons.  I liked reading about local sports and me (or later, former students).  I’d look for jobs and houses. I’d fill in word searches and read the comics. I’d know what’s going in this week. I know you can still read the local newspaper and find this out, I’m just sad for the demise of it’s status.  And also, how am I to make papier mâché and what will I put the pumpkin guts on when I carve it? Where will the carrot peelings go? What can stuff the remaining space in the shoebox around the gift? And lastly, my container of silly putty just hasn’t been the same.

i am happy to get my news needs filled electronically. I’m accustomed to finding information out in a matter of seconds.  I follow most of you on some form of social media and you are already “known” in my circles. But as I sit here ruminating, it pales just a tiny little bit to my one hand tipping a mug and the other holding my paper.

Have a wonderful day.


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