Off The Books Learning – New York

I’m slowly learning that if I want to do something, I can’t wait for others to jump on my boat and start sailing, I have to shove off myself. Most of my travelling experiences have involved some other adult planning or accompanying me on the trip. I didn’t have to think or worry as I’d always had someone else there to keep me on track or help me. For someone who has lived her life in ultimate dependency on others, doing things by myself has been scary.

How did I get to just expect others to do things for me? Shameful I suppose. But now as I have time off and most other adults I know are working, I have to pull up the bootstraps and get things done, or simply put, they won’t get done.  Sometimes I feel like I have some strange disorder – because if I don’t plan it out in my head, it won’t get done. I need to have my PLAN sorted out before we go – as I will shortly point out.

What did I learn? Well, I did learn you should always keep a map of the city with you. Who cares if you consult it? I already look like a tourist in my running shoes, umbrella, and look of horror and confusion walking the streets. Adding a map might actually add some credibility to my look.  I was a block away from a store my daugher had wanted to visit, but I wasn’t aware of it! I had made a plan in my head of what I wanted to accomplish that day and did it. HOWEVER, had I been willing to check out that map or veer of the path slightly, I would have realized how close we were to another destination.

How does this help me in the class? Well, I have plenty of students who may work with blinders on. See the goal, get there in the shortest possible way. But what other discoveries could you have made if you took your time and ventured into new territory? Did you explore? Did you question? Did you seek other opportunities? Well, now as that teacher, I have a concrete example to give my students and it can be fear free. Did I still accomplish the goals in my plan? Yes, I did. Could I have discovered a few new things along the way? Yes, I could. Remember that, grasshoppers.

Another lesson I continue to learn – patience. I have plenty of patience. I do. But there is always room for more. Everyone is new to something at least once. New. Be patient. Be grateful for little changes, and forward movement. Life isn’t about the long-jump, when you run run run and leap past a lot of stuff. It’s about moving forward, at any pace, and seeing and experiencing all the moments, even if it means you are temporarily stuck in the sand.


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