Conference Withdrawal

Don’t get me wrong – I am LOVING being off this year. Yes. No regrets, awesome decision. However, since I’m still following the same people on twitter who are working, or involved in such tech circles, I see plenty of tweets from seminars, symposiums, conferences, gatherings, edcamps, summits, well, you get the idea.

Twitter has been a great tool for me to see what’s happening in the world of education even though I’m slightly removed from it right now. I can’t very well go back empty handed and empty headed, but I also can’t get completely involved – I’m off work for a reason.

Some of the best parts of my year last year were the opportunities I had to attend and present at conferences. I learned so much – not just about tools to use in the classroom, but I also learned a lot about me and some directions I want to take. More than any other year, last year I was the most active I have ever been using elearning, blended learning, sharing ideas and being exposed to new ideas and apps! An exciting time to be in the classroom !

I also learned a lot about me as a professional – where I’d like to be, how I’d like to deliver content, taking more risks, and even becoming a leader for other staff in my building. I dipped my toe in, but ended up liking the water, and decided to stay for a swim.

Now as I’m reading on twitter, so many of my colleagues are attending conferences, presenting at them, sharing ideas, and bringing back strategies. I’m reading about activities, keynote speeches, seminars to attend, and the fun social aspects, too. I miss it! I wish I was there!

I guess the great thing is that I can very easily follow along on twitter using #hashtags and it’s incredible just how much people are willing to share! I can follow along, get the notes, see the presentation all from the comfort of my living room. But, it’s just not the same as getting that name tag, lanyard, conference room lunch, or adding to the selfie page, so I’m feeling a little envy and withdrawal right now.

Fear not, my trip to Disney in three weeks will help alleviate some of this pain! Enjoy! (and share!) Thanks.


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