Next Installment Off the Books Learning

I’m combining two thought processes in this blog entry. Why am I doing this? Well, for one, I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time, whereas my other blog has plenty of inane chatter. And second, two opportunities struck me in close proximity to each other, so off I go.

As I’m off galavanting on my year off, I still wanted to take some “real life” learning with me. I really believe education happens everywhere, everyday, and should never be only in the classroom. I also want my daughter to learn about dealing with people and handling herself in new and possibly stressful situations. (Most of which entail dealing with me, her mom!!)

I have recently learned that waiting can cause anger in people. No, I always knew that. But what I did learn was to better evaluate the situation and decide when and how to intervene. Disney has lines. Lines and lines and lines. We have to wait, but how you handle yourself can say lots. The staff were almost always working hard, doing their jobs, taking it seriously and trying their best to get you on your way. This situation is not one in which complaining helps.  Evaluate the moment. I hope I was able to model behaviour for my daughter and show her that not only sometimes in life you need to wait and allow others their moment, but also patience is a virtue. Immediate gratification has become a staple in our world, but old school values and respect for others is still important.  Realizing you can’t always get what you want when you want it allows you to grow.

The second thing I need to address is weighing the pros and cons of taking these trips. Clearly, I want the experience of traveling and learning social skills and life skills.  However, taking the “routine”  out of a young child’s daily life can have its pitfalls. Having recently had the parent teacher interview, the teacher pointed out some difficulties my daughter is experiencing in the class which have never appeared prior to her missing so much class time. I then started to worry and feel some selfish guilt as I weigh my desire to travel with the possible necessity of established routine.  Balancing opportunity with being “spoiled” can be tricky.  My daughter still needs to learn some fundamental skills which may be reinforced more often in a class setting than in those I am able to provide while travelling.  I need to reflect upon this more.

I’m learning to experience everyday life and take these lessons to make me a better person.  I’m reinforcing skills I can apply to my methodology in the class that can make me a better listener and willing to try new ways to help my students succeed in their learning journey.  It’s rewarding in so many ways to travel for travel itself, but then to use and relive the experinces when I return into the class will help me encourage the growth in my students.


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