I Like Sounds

This entry has nothing to do with anything. I’m sitting here checking emails and Twitter and facebook and silently hating myself for being such a social media addict.

There are two sounds I make when coming to WordPress. Every single time. I’m not kidding. Even though I can get to WordPress easilly, I always type “w o r d ” in the search bar and pretend I’m in a bad 80’s rap song or I’m Cameo singing “Word Up”.  Word.

The second sound I make every single time is when WordPress is thinking and the words “beep beep boop” appear on the screen. Not only do I wait for the words, I can’t just read the words quietly. I always, every single time, make a robot like or digital sounding beep beep boop sound.

Is this because I like to entertain myself while waiting or that music is important in my life? I like to think I’m making associations in my thinking, my process seems to automatically compare things to other things. That sounds vague, but when my rolodex brain sees new stimulus (or even the same ) I feel comfort filing it with other familiar things. I’m an organizer.  Teachers are often accused of being hoarders, well, I guess I hoard my thoughts and group many together. But mostly, I like sounds. 😄


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