Year End Review

I’m coming to the end of my first full year of blogging! Although I have been writing this blog for closer to two years (April) I guess this counts as my first full year. I decided to take a look back and see what was on my mind this year. I did do a “retrospective” of sorts at the end of the semester, then end of the school year, and here I am again wondering what was rolling around in my mind this year.

I took a look at my stats page and noted my top 5 posts in terms of “views”. I will note that they may not be my favourite entries, but if I liken my blogging to art, which I will, I cannot be in control of what people enjoy, connect with, disagree, or decide to share.  Do you even have favourites? Yes, I do. Sometimes I feel more inspired than others, or more fired up, or sometimes I just feel like jotting down some ridiculous chatter. That’s me.

I noticed that my homepage by far outnumbers any one specific entry. This is when I realize I do have my favourites. Sometimes I forget that someone may not just read that day’s shared feature, but check out what else I’ve been doing. I have some duds. I think to myself, sheesh, if they only read that *other* one, they probably don’t think they need to check back in. Oh well. Like most teachers, you can’t judge the whole set by one piece, isn’t that why we create portfolios. But honestly, you need to see me at my worst. I shouldn’t be afraid of that. I don’t claim to be a professional blogger, or perfect teacher, I just write. Grammar and proofreading mistakes abound. (fragment?)

So, here are my most viewed entries of 2014:

1.  Blogging as Therapy

2. Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

3. Getting Excited

4. Temporary New Job

5. OTRK12 – 2014

I was fortunate to have other bloggers and tweety pals share these.  I have also had a few comments, mentions, faves, and conversation about these entries in different forms.

I haven’t been blogging or tweeting as much as I was in the first half of the year, as I am out of the class right now.  I honestly miss some discourse with other teachers and educational workers because I’m not completely connected with what is happening.  I tried to add in a few thoughts here and there to keep my mind from turning completely into mush.

Which reminds me, I should have quick linked the above. Wow. See how quickly I’m losing my laser quick reaction time and speedy shortcuts. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll keep this line in, so you know I do edit, but add the quick links anyway, and have you temporarily wondering what I’m talking about.

Maybe. I do hear Frosty starting on t.v., so it could be awhile.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and New Year!



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