Why Must I Always Try to Compare Things?

I’m publishing today because I feel on my birthday I’m allowed to write nonsensical things and get away with it. You are not allowed to roll your eyes or block me today, it’s my free pass writing day.

This year, I haven’t been writing my reviews or class observations because I’m not In the class.  I can’t write about conferences and nerves, frustrations and celebrations. Instead, today, I’ll write about what I’m feeling outside the class but trying to still belong.

Twitter seems very much like a classroom to me. Sometimes I’m the teacher, sometimes I’m the student.  I follow people that resemble the familiar students in a class. (Yes I’m labelling, I know every student is unique, but we do see certain trends).

I see so many representatives of the class and feel Twitter is a living and always changing class. (Note my title, familiarity brings calm to me, it helps me understand and deal with my world). I have my leaders who share information, regularly show up, contribute to discussion and make me think. I have my quietly taking it all in, but sometimes you don’t always see them.  I have a few class clowns, mixing in ideas we need to think about with those that just need to be said.  I have a few that somehow bring it all back to themselves, but they have plenty of supporters and definitely move the class forward.  I have my new to this school and tentatively dip toes in the water, trying to figure it all out.

I will likely offend a few people who read this, but even as a teacher leader, I’m sure I’ve stepped on some toes and made some mistakes. My Twitter class is constantly evolving and changing. New students come in, some graduate, some now lead the class. I need all of these things myself. We post and share because the wave of new students coming in is constant. You can’t be on Twitter and not see the same inspirational quote a dozen times.  The same Google apps posts, the ICYMI re posts, statistics, ideas.  The new trend sweeping classrooms and then the backlash against that trend, the supporters and the detractors. Yet another blog post. (Haha) Much like a course, I often have to deliver the same content, but try to mix up the way in which it makes it to the table.

Why is this important to me? Well, I’ve been in a classroom for most of my life as a student and as a teacher. I hardly know anything else. Why wouldn’t I compare everything to it? Everyone needs to feel welcomed, some need an advanced option, some need extra time, some are moving along fine. As a tweeter, it’s ok for me to post things I’ve seen or addressed previously because not everyone has dealt with it. I feel my class is constantly changing and I can still tend to needs. ( how many essays did I read about Lady Macbeth, but still find something fresh, still awaken learning, still want to see someone else to succeed in expressing herself)

I have found it amusing that I see Twitter as my class. I recognize we are all learning and sharing and even am reminded of a few students I have known. I’m not raising my hand like Horeshack,”ooh ooh ooh, Mr Kotter!”, but this year perhaps I’m more like Barbarino in that I’m (mostly) paying attention, just not always commenting on the exact topic at the correct time.


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