OTRK12 2014

This is just my short, preliminary post, because I’m still on an adrenaline rush.

Today was the day! A year ago, I would not have believed you if you told me I’d be presenting at this conference. What? I attended a conference for the first time ever and now, a year later, I presented.

I had an amazing time. Really, I did. I was so very nervous, but it all worked out. (My small team of supporters had to help me stay focused on the positive, not negative. Despite my loud mouth personality, I’m actually quite sensitive and take things to heart and stew over them for way too long)

So, onward and upward to give time to those who wanted it! Ask questions, share documents, encourage and support. That is also why we are here. Yes, we learn. But let’s not forget about the human factor – I appreciated my sessions and those who led them. I would like to let them know I appreciate their hard work and time to try to give us new ideas and inpiration.

Thanks to the organizers and their hard work, because this has been a great conference, hopefully you are aware of how much people enjoy and appreciate your hard work.


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