Follow up Thoughts

I was just thinking about my last entry and all the possible avenues I could have followed, but didn’t. This seems to happen quite frequently with me as I’ll touch on a big idea or area to discuss, and only in passing address all of them. I like to plant seeds, but it seems I then prefer to let others develop them.

i don’t mind this notion of myself. It actually seems quite “teacherly” to me. I will walk you up to the door, but you go in and find what you are looking for. ¬†Teachers can often lead you to water, but you have to take the sip.

With my Maixmus post, I left so many open doors thought, it felt like perhaps I didn’t realize I wasn’t filling in all the gaps. I have been told that before, that I started the wheels turning, but didn’t post any signs for where to go. So, here are some further questions and comments I’d like to make:

– if you have a willing and able class, does the role of teacher change?

-if you are all struggling to meet a goal, does that make you as teacher stronger or weaker?

– will your class respect you if you produce (at the same time they do) that which you ask of them?

– can you show humbleness and sensitivity to everyone or just certain people?

– will your peers follow your leadership because of reputation or of proven tasks?

– do you become stronger if your students connect with you?

– can you influence your own role by utilizing the strengths of your students?

– can you influence change by harnessing your power with that of your colleagues and students?

These were ideas in my head as I wrote my first entry, but if you haven’t seen the movie, they will be lost on you. ( another lesson for me in context). Do I feel like I’m an “entertainer” in front of my class? Yes, sometimes I do, but the relationship moves much further from that to one of support, excitement, trust, hope, and learning. Not bad thinking from a movie.


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