The Way Too Early Jitters

I follow mostly educators in Twitter. As a result, I learn of lots of wonderful strategies for the classroom, current trends, good reading, better examples, and  numerous apps and programs to try with my students.  Some of these tweets come from articles, some from experience, and a good deal from those from people attending conferences and sharing their learning.

While I do appreciate all this opportunity to learn new things, right now I’m feeling really intimidated and getting very large jitters for an upcoming conference that I will be not only attending, but co-presenting. It’s months away, but I get the feeling that my information is just not as cutting edge and “on the pulse” as what I am already seeing put into practice.

I worry for a number of reasons: I have been out of the classroom for a year now so will have to take some time to become active using school programs again, I may need adjustment just returning to everyday routine and it may be difficult to find extra time to prepare for a conference, I want to be appropriately prepared for my partner in the largest conference I have ever attended, and I want my material to be useful and not sorely tired and dated.

While my partner has assured me no one will laugh me out of the room, I want to make sure I am in the position to give valuable information and help to those that need it. I’ve talked in this blog before about just needing to be moving forward, learn at your own pace, trying new things that make you comfortable, and not being ashamed to use what works for you, even if it isn’t the most current thing. (That’s almost impossible to achieve anyway with new apps and extensions coming out all the time!)

Ironically, our presentation is almost exactly for the person feeling like I do right now.  We remember feeling new, overwhelmed and almost afraid to “ask the experts” for fear we are asking the thing that person doesn’t even deal with anymore. We attended a few sessions and thought, this is great, but already is beyond what we are able to put into practice.

I guess I hope our session description is clear enough to attract the appropriate audience. I also hope that if it isn’t really for someone who happened to come in, that they will either feel free excuse themselves or take the opportunity to help someone nearby.

While I assure you I will do my very best to give information that is helpful, timely, user friendly, and fun, I also don’t claim to have all the answers. My view is that we are all here to keep moving forward and sharing of information is a great way to achieve our goals.


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