Session Talk – Thoughts About Our BIT15 Presentation

This will be a companion piece to an entry I wrote about jitters I have about presenting at a conference. I talked about my fears as I approach a new school year teaching after being off and worrying about my content being current and useful.

My partner, Heather Touzin,  (who now has a different job as an assistive technology resource teacher) and I work at a secondary school with special education students. Over 90% of the students in the school are on IEPs and face numerous obstacles with their daily educational tasks.  At times it can be challenging to find strategies that keep our students engaged and excited about learning.

We decided to present about recognizing exceptional learners in your class and using some techniques and tools to help students reach their goals.  We use both Google pages and Brightspace in our classes.

We have some goals in mind as we prepare to present. First, we want you to feel comfortable with yourself as an educator trying to enhance the learning experience in your class. We hope to show a range of examples you can use and try in your class, but mainly address the “beginner”.  Have you heard of Twitter but don’t use it regularly? Do you have facebook but don’t know how to use it for school purposes? Do you want to add fun gadgets to your page, but don’t know how to get started? Do you need something relatively basic to use because you don’t or can’t spend of lot of time every day updating your “technology”? We may be the presentation for you.

Second, we want you to feel you are not alone. It can feel overwhelming when you have some exceptional students in your class and you don’t have a lot of experience dealing with IEP’s. Do you wonder how to make time to address needs? Do you want to want to know how other teachers deal with multiple range learners? Do you feel isolated in your school if other staff don’t understand some needs you face daily in the classroom? Well, let’s connect, let’s share, let’s understand and learn some strategies together. We have both taught classes that were 100% IEP students and understand some unique situations you may face.

We are very much looking forward to presenting at BIT15.  I hope if you join us in our session you feel that even if you are at the beginning of the road to change, you celebrate that you made the decision and you learn and apply what you need as you go. We all started somewhere and deserve to feel accomplished each step of the way. Even if you are more advanced and we don’t see you in our session, we hope to connect and continue to share and inspire those around us.


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