Getting excited and looking forward to both attending and presenting for the first time at BIT15.  I’ve been wishing to attend this conference for about 3 years now and this year I get the chance to go!

I enjoy the time leading up to a conference.  I tend to read a little more in Twitter and click on more links in an attempt to be more aware of things I might be seeing and learning at the conference. I follow up on some blogs, do a little more research in preparation.

Looking at the number of presentations and seeing the variety of choices is fun, too! There is always an offering that I happen to be interested in, or ones I’ve never heard of that I want to find out more about.  There is a chance to get a refresher or an upgrade in the skills I already have. The day is packed and there is almost always something for the total beginner all the way up to the expert.

I’m also eager to get my chance to get up there and speak. I constantly question whether I can stay “on trend” but I’m starting to realize that doesn’t matter. It’s more about what you share, how you share, how you interact, what you want to get out of it.  I feel confident in what I use and how I use it in the classroom, it’s just about moving forward and helping those who are looking to move forward themselves. Every “presenter” will also be part of an “audience” for someone else. We all have a common goal – learn and share!

Certainly, getting a chance to mix, mingle, and reconnect with colleagues is an added bonus. I get to actually meet some Twitter connections face to face.  Even those that I have met, we might really only see each other in places like this, as we teach in different boards. You get to see if I really am that weird. (I am)

Conferences are a wonderful opportunity for some PD for teachers. What’s also great is that no matter where you are in your learning, you get that ever magical *time* to put ideas into practice. Who doesn’t like a take away? It’s like getting a goody bag at the end of a party! I’m so looking forward to learn at BIT15 next week and likely needing to blog a whole lot more.


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