Halloween Reading

So today, apropos of nothing I’m currently doing in class, I chose to do some Halloween reading.  Just to mix it up and have some macabre/ horror feel for today, I chose the very classic (and perhaps overdone) stories by Edgar Allan Poe. I chose to read, The Black Cat and Tell Tale Heart today.

I didn’t really give a huge background in short stories or Poe himself, but thought for some fun, we’d just try to read some classic horror. To my surprise, my students hadn’t heard either story before, so I had to make it good!

My most favourite reaction was, “that is so messed up!” After reading these stories. Considering they hadn’t heard the stories and I needed to do a little explanation, what other reaction would I want? The best part was trying to explain the story by becoming the character himself. Both times, I pretended to be the villainous murderer while talking to my students.  “Do you hear that? Wait, do you not hear anything?” I confused some greatly, as they stopped to hear what I was hearing. They look at each other and wondered if I was losing my mind! Ha! Success!

Even if they didn’t classify these stories as “horror” they certainly got a taste of weirdness when I answered questions as some “creepy dude for the story.” Check for Ms. Thompson today! ✅


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