Conference Sessions – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Just kidding. The title probably goes against all good titling literature. I don’t have anything “ugly” to report about my time at the BIT15 conference. But I will concede that I have the ok, the great, and the awesome. I was thinking of appropriate teen lingo for this. Would it be: the meh, the aight, the sick? But I digress.

Let me start with the awesome. I don’t even know if I can. My mind is still swimming with all the awesome. This conference gives you an incredible chance to learn in multiple sessions. You don’t have to sign up, can change your mind, find things that you know a little about or nothing about and get the chance to soak it all in. These are the kind of PD opportunities that every class teacher should have a chance to attend.  There are so many knowledgeable people, everyone wants to share and help you become a better you! Awesome. The gathering of people wishing to learn and give is awesome. This really tops the next two combined: tech conferences are awesome. End of story.

To be fair though, I need to explore the less than awesome moments I had. But a downgrade from awesome to great isn’t that far of a fall. The venue was large, rooms spacious. There were volunteers, easily identifiable help, free swag, awesome badges and sticker-ribbons and plenty of time. Each session had travel time built in and breaks and refreshments were readily available. I quite enjoyed the food selections and could meander the innovation stations while I snacked on a cookie. (or two)

And last, and certainly least, my ok moments. These totally have to do with me alone, so I have to write a completely separate blog about this. (which I’m going back to re-read and will publish in a little bit). These ok moments have nothing to do with the conference itself, so JUST GO TO A TECH CONFERENCE. They are awesome. And to a lesser extent, they are great. But, mostly AWESOME.


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