I Should “Draft” an Experiment

As I sift through my drafts, I was thinking about creating an experiment. My blog entries that remain “draft” do so for different reasons. Some of them are finished, but I’m just not sure if I should publish them. Some haven’t been properly edited, some are just ideas I couldn’t quite polish up, and others tend to ramble and not really get anywhere.

I wondered if I should post an entry that includes the opening paragraph or two of those left abandoned and see if the ideas provoke others to think or respond. I have wondered if other people feel the same way, or maybe have the missing puzzle piece I need to finish my idea.

My posts in the last year have been almost all personal reflections. When I started my blog, I tended to write about my class experience, tools or apps I was using, mini-reviews, and my journey of learning.

I have rarely wanted to rock the boat with my ideas, but recognize that I sometimes start with an idea, but don’t know how to properly answer it. Sometimes, I actually like the fact that I have an idea and DO NOT know how to pursue it. It means I’m thinking, I’m challenging, I’m asking, and that’s how I grow as a professional.

Maybe one day I will open up the vault and put a few lines here and publish and see if anyone can help or add to the conversation. I never write with malice, but with genuine question and concern. I’m just not sure I’m ready to voice every one just yet.


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