Semester 2 Start

I had a good start to semester two. I haven’t been writing as much as I would like the past few months, and I need to make a more concerted effort. This was a “return” to work in some aspects, as I had taken a year leave of absence.

However, my blog productivity has dropped off significantly. I can partly say it was because I had a busy year getting myself back into the swing of things, but really, I have no excuse. I should have been making more frequent efforts to chronicle my year.

Enough of my own slapping my wrist, what have I been up to? This semester has been good, as I have a schedule that I would actually choose if I was behind the big board. haha. Not always do we have the opportunity to teach what we want, when we want it, and in the right combination. ( but I guess that’s a topic for another day )

I tend to become better at posting, utilizing web tools, finding great material, and connecting when I’m teaching an online course. I just find myself at the computer more, easily emailing, updating, adding, simply because I’m already there. Students who are hesitant to contribute in my face to face class are much more active online and I get to know them a little better.

This semester as well, I have a number of students preparing for college and are eager to learn skills they will need in the coming years. They are actively asking for help, seeking learning opportunities, accessing the additional materials I post, looking for editing help, and asking meaningful questions. This makes me engaged in my learning as well. I seek out those extras, sit down with students more and more after class, happily find those supplemental activities.

We are definitely feeding off each other, discussions are lively, questions are involved, debate inevitable. I feel re-invigorated after classes and hear the discussions they have among themselves. I hope we can keep up our  active class atmosphere, it’s a great place to come to everyday.


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