New Job!

I am thrilled to start a new job this Fall with my Board. In recent years, I have been looking for new challenges and opportunities that go beyond the regular classroom. I was fortunate to work with some people who recognized this desire and offered tips and suggestions on how to reach this goal.

I was offered the chance to teach elearning courses, which I gladly embraced and enjoyed. I eagerly soaked up whatever information I could; first attending conferences, then presenting at them! I was also given the opportunity to be CL of my department, which let me dabble in developing more leadership skills. I led committees, started projects, got on teams, and started inquiring about jobs. I asked and received some constructive feedback and kept plugging along.

I guess I’d be lying if I said it came easy and overnight. It didn’t. There were times I was frustrated and didn’t know if I was making the right choices and making forward progress to meet my goals. Encouraged by my colleagues, I didn’t fully give up, and had to keep getting up after the setbacks. I guess my frequent debriefings finally collected enough steam and I earned some interviews.

What I’m especially excited about is that I didn’t just “get a job” to get a job.  You know what I mean? I was anxious for change, but this job is actually a really good fit for me, and not just a job for change’s sake. My new title, officially, is Secondary Resource Teacher for Enrichment and I’m looking forward to this new role.

I look forward to starting this job for a number of reasons. If I was in “teacher mode” I’d tell my student writing a blog to state why this interests you. So, here goes. I was pulled out for resource as a student. I thought listening to a story through headphones was pretty much a scene from science fiction. I needed to do this ALL the time. Seed planted early.

Oh, and there was NEVER any doubt I would be a teacher. My Mom was a teacher. End of story. I was that kid who “helped” after school. I cleaned chalk brushes for fun, not punishment. I marked math drills and spelling tests. I stapled bulletin boards. All by grade 3. Yep, I was THAT kid.

By teacher’s college, I was already looking at Special Education AQ’s. I took Gifted immediately. My first job in York was a self-contained gifted classroom. I taught AP classes at the secondary level. It’s fair to say I’ve had an interest in Gifted education since I was young.

So, this job is not an accident for me. Not really. I’ve always been interested in Special Education, and this is the next chapter for me. I can’t wait to begin.


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  1. Eva,
    It is great to learn more about your new role as well as the journey that has brought you here. Congratulations!


    1. evathompson says:

      Thanks, Stephanie. I know it will be a learning curve, but looking forward to the challenge.

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  2. jencasatodd says:

    HI Eva,
    I think you will love your new role. I am just going back to the classroom after working at the District level for 6 years–leaving the classroom is hard. It is also very different. But, if your role is anything like mine, you will find the professional learning and collegiality amazing. I look forward to working with students again and implementing all that I’ve learned while in a Central level. There is always anxiety when changing roles, but the result is often worth it! Best of luck to you and Congratulations.


    1. evathompson says:

      Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the challenges and rewards. I wish you luck as well as you venture back to the class – always exciting things happening!

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  3. Tim Robinson says:

    Congrats on your new job! That’s fantastic. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    1. evathompson says:

      Thanks, Tim. I’m looking forward to changing my thinking pattern and learning some new skills. I will be meeting so many new people – both staff and students – great opportunity for me.


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