And It Begins….

Normally, I don’t fret much when August rolls around. I still have plenty of time left to relax, but I also can’t help but notice more and more back to school flyers, ads, commercials, and even a few emails trickling in on my work account.

However, this year presents some new challenges for me as I start a new position. I am really excited to start. I’m also nervous and every time I look at my “to-do” pile, because instead of diving in, I’m kind of kicking it in a corner.

I do want to start my job. I’m just worried that opening that can might actually end my summer! It’s more my personality than being forced to do anything. I want to do a good job. (no, I actually want to do a great job!) But I know, once I open that pile, I will go in and start digging, and I probably won’t stop.

So for now, I’m writing down a bunch of ideas I want to pursue once I’m ready to open my school bag. I’m jotting things down, things to remember, things to ask, goals to set. This appeases me in some ways because I feel I’m doing enough to satisfy my curiosity, but not diving in headlong and not being able to come up for air.

I feel like a student again. Did I mention how important my leave of absence was? Oh yes, only  every single time I write an entry!!! Taking that break away was a catapult for me to have some renewed focus, energy, and approach to my classroom. It also made me reevaluate and push towards new goals I had. Who would have thought that choice years back would have led me to becoming a better Eva, both personally and professionally.


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