Getting Excited for Back to School

I have to say, this is the most excited I have been for “back to school” in quite some time. As a kid, I loved back to school. Yep, I was that kid. I loved going shopping with my Mom to pick out a few new things for that year. It didn’t matter if it was a pencil case, or a pair of shoes, maybe a new pair of jeans, it all started a frame of mind I set for myself.

This continued well past university, as I ended my formal time as a student. I graduated and the next year, I was set up for supply teaching, still looking forward to back to school. The excitement of getting a phone call to book a job, having my “go to” teacher clothes, even buying a new lunch bag for those days I had to work.

Flash forward a few more years, and I hate to say, some of my own excitement faded, but still existed in a slightly transformed way. My daughter loves school and can’t wait to go back and see her friends and get into a more regular routine again. (this may only last a day, but, the thrill still exists!) My back to school needs were met through my daughter’s excitement, while I seemed a little stagnant and not all that excited to go back.

This year, I got my mojo back! I’m again excited to go back to school. Changing my role from classroom teacher to something a little different has me changing my attitude as well. This new role will be challenging, hitting some unknowns, meeting  people, testing the waters, and opening a whole new world.

I hope all those people who are maybe feeling a less enthused than what they remember, needing some revitalization, find the necessary change they are looking for. Many of us spent our entire childhood on the school clock, and back to school excitement was a big part of my past. And it was happy. I’m finding my way back.

And yes, I did buy some new shoes.


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