Growing Pains

I just started my new job and already I enjoy it so much! Unfortunately, I’m also making some mistakes along the way. Some are little ones, I should have caught before they happened, others are just those kinds that a “newbie” might typically make. Once I have earned my experience on the job, I may be able to avoid some of missteps and stride confidently forward.

I’m sure the little ones, everyone can probably relate to. I’m meeting lots of new people, so inadvertently calling someone the wrong name is likely common. But these “little” ones have added up in my mind, to the point where I feel I’m making large blunders almost daily. I’ve received emails that say, “See attachment” and the person forgot to add it. It doesn’t bother me as the receiver, but in my new job, I don’t want to send emails like that!! These are the types that I’m sure will be forgotten quickly by others, so I shouldn’t dwell on them.

The one thing that I do have to continue to work on everyday is the meat and potatoes of the job itself. My predecessor had 15 solid years doing the job, with probably more information she forgot than I am only beginning to know! My job isn’t exactly “linear”, so I can’t learn “September things”, then “October things”, I need to have knowledge ready to go now.

While that can seem overwhelming, it also adds a drive, an adrenaline rush, and excitement to my job. I am always learning. There has not been one boring moment of my job since I started. I am constantly learning, moving, reading, researching, finding out. I love that. My brain has been in overdrive since I started. At times, I’m not even getting to sleep on time, because I’m constantly thinking, imagining, wondering, debating. This part of the job is awesome.

Now, if I can translate my pure enthusiasm for this job, to the people who might witness these temporary blips on the radar, I’m sure I can convince people I will be great at this job. If I see someone who loves what they do, even if they can’t solve my problem that instant, I know they will at least put the effort in to get me the answers I need. I hope others feel the same way!

So, I’ll accept the fact that I will make mistakes. Mistakes are often the best way to learn. I very much sounded like a teacher telling a student, “That IS learning”.  Phew. I feel better already. Have a great week learning and making mistakes!


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