March Break

I wanted to title this something like, How Long Has It Been, or I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Updated This Blog, but I have a feeling I probably already have two of three with similar titles. I enjoy writing/blogging so much, so can’t really explain my long absences in between entries.

This site has undergone some changes since I started it, most recently, I was going to focus on my new job and the challenges it presents me.  I have enjoyed my new job so much and feel constantly challenged, (literally daily) maybe I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and really  formulate some ideas about what I’ve learned. This really shouldn’t be an excuse, many bloggers are challenged and still find the time to reflect upon what they’ve learned. (consider me slapping my own wrists)

This job combines things that I would describe if asked about my “dream” job. I have time to meet with students: to teach, to lead discussion, to deliver information, to participate in fun learning experiences, to hear feedback and start down new paths, to go on field trips. (just to touch on a few items) I also get to learn from other staff and community members to expand my knowledge base and share information. I would also say that I get time to actually process this information and look for ways to improve, change, and maintain what needs to be done.

On Twitter, I did some new following of people/groups/institutions that support and discuss issues relevant to gifted and enrichment students. I’m reading more articles and blogs in this area that I may not have before.  I daresay I might have become more understanding to parents and students struggling to find their needs met. I guess it might be embarrassing to admit that “until it happened to me” I wasn’t really all that aware or active in the community. I’m slowly realizing that I can’t just be only  called to action if it affects me.

As much as I completely cringe when people state they are “lifelong” learners, I believe that every day, and in this case job change,  you will be learning. Sometimes you don’t have to go out and seek a new learning opportunity, you  are already living it.  I’d hate to find a day when I didn’t learn or experience something new, how boring!

I’d say the funniest part of my job (and I’ve already posted about this) is the whole bus situation for field trips. I am a living nightmare trying to organize this. My tiny brain would like a general estimate type form- you know how if you want to buy a bus ticket to a city, you can inquire and get a price? I wish there was some type of way to make this available to me. haha. This may seem confusing, but I’m not always arranging a “linear line” type of route. Depending on where my students are located, I may need to have a number of stops. BUT if I don’t get students at a particular school attending, I can leave that stop out of the equation. (I seem to be making mountains out of molehills) So bus companies will be rather annoyed when I ask for 3 different scenarios for the same trip. Then, I also try 3 different bus companies to get the best rate. Is this making any sense? My resolution would be something like: Hey, bus company, give me the current per km rate, and the hourly/daily cost it will take to get me where I need to go. I realize it won’t be EXACT, but it will help me create a price point for my students. I can’t hype this great trip and say, well, it may cost $15 or it may cost $50, there is a huge difference! So, in the meantime, I have estimates and quotes flying all over the place, and sometimes the online “estimate” creator is a secret “booking” sheet, in which I have to make sure I haven’t actually booked this trip, but just trying to get a price. I’m exhausting.

I still have to get a handle on that situation, but in the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying the day to day aspects of my job. I love exploring the options, contests, camps, post-secondary outreach programs, workshops, and events.  Next to my year off, when I was constantly repeating, “best decision ever”, this job change has been the “2nd best decision ever” if you know what I mean. 🙂


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