BIT17 After Thinking (2)

This entry is more on the “next steps” side.  My last time at the conference was BIT15 and I made a challenge to myself to try at least one thing I learned in my class. (I did)  I tried using Google forms and some Google extensions. I tried Flubaroo, DocAppender, and Yet Another Mail Merge.  I will say, prior to that conference, I had never heard of these, or really understood the vast “extensions” menu I could explore.  It was very satisfying to find a way to work it into my lessons and I even wrote a blog entry about it. Here is an example: From 2015

This time, I want to challenge myself again. I want to implement something I learned at the conference and try it in a meaningful and consistent way.  This will prove to be difficult, because there is so much to learn at this conference and all of it is worthwhile. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of things that I can access immediately – Micro:Bits and OneNote.

We recently bought some Micro:Bits and I have tinkered a little bit.  I wanted to feel well-versed in it before I planned an activity.  What I’m learning more and more is that I don’t have to be an expert in everything, that the students need to do some learning and problem-solving on their own.  Yes, I need to have some basic knowledge and trouble shooting guidance, but the students will likely be able to help themselves and learn from each other.  I’m feeling more open to gathering students and letting them become the experts.   This conference has helped me see all the wonderful opportunities available to utilize the Micro:bits in the class.

OneNote is already on my board computer and I have access, but I haven’t really been opening that tab! It’s not as scary as I (apparently) thought and I can begin to see some of the uses that could be beneficial for my practice.  To begin, I think I will play around with what it can do, then I will try to organize myself enough to implement. I’m not exactly sure what that will look like right now, but sharing files, adding and making notes, and the privacy of seeing student notes individually will be useful practice I’m sure.

I love the BIT Conference and I really hope I get to return again next year.  I would also like to set a goal of presenting again.  This is definitely a challenge, but I hope over the course of the next few months I will recognize some of my daily practice and technology use might be beneficial for others!



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