BIT17 Non Conference Observations

Enough chatter about the typical and expected from me after attending a conference.  What are the little things that made me think: the awkward, the fun, the YES! everyone needs to experience this!?!?

I look out my hotel room window to see if people are crossing the street and heading into the venue. 

It’s kind of exciting seeing people pull their cases and thinking I might be in their session. Or better yet, the nervous-excitement they are feeling as they get ready to “go on”. 

Elevators take so long to get to you and then get you where you need to go.

I honestly don’t know what to do when I recognize someone I follow on Twitter but haven’t really dialogued much with them. The first time I tried approaching someone I knew from Twitter, he clearly didn’t recognize me and I was so embarrassed.

If I don’t want to have a panic attack, I almost literally need to sit in the last row of a keynote, so I’m not surrounded by people.

I enjoy walking in the halls of the hotel – I’m either on my way to learning, or just coming back with my head full of new ideas!

The only time I ever have a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast is at a conference. I’ve never done this in “regular” life.

I love conference swag.  Even getting a pen is exciting! If I ever actually win a prize, contest, or raffle, I might dance a jig! (or maybe some poor attempt at an 80’s dance move, because that’s where my music playlist is from)

I hate to admit,  but sometimes teachers aren’t really great students. 

My laptop bag is not comfortable and I definitely need a new one.

People are so welcoming and willing to share.  This type of event is where you feel so inspired to try, because everyone invites you in and encourages you – regardless if you are a complete beginner or have a little experience!

One day I will attend a “social” event at a conference. Not yet. But one day.

So there you have it, some mindless notes I’ve made to myself from this past conference.  I’m awkward, but willing to overcome my fears, because this event is worth it. I think every teacher should have a chance to attend a conference in your area of interest – you learn not just about your subject, but a little about yourself at the same time.






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  1. adunsiger says:

    So glad that I heard about this post on the VoicEd radio show. I love the brutal honesty of this post. I also wish that I took a chance to connect with you at the conference. I saw you from a distance as you were interviewed on the radio last week, and said to myself, “I need to go and say, ‘hi,'” and then never did. I wish I could re-do this. Hopefully we’ll both be at #BIT18 and can fix this for next year! 🙂



    1. evathompson says:

      Thanks so much for your comments. I watched/listened to your segment as well, very enjoyable. You were also busy manning your station, so understandable we didn’t get a chance to speak one-on-one. I certainly hope to make it to BIT18 and we will have no excuse next year! All the best. -e


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