Breakout Games

I was debating a title for this entry, because I wanted to use the term “classic” for the use of breakout boxes, but then realized I’ve only been using them for a little over a year. Does that qualify it for “classic”, “original”, “old school” ?

My point was that we were using the “old fashioned” breakouts by actually using the physical boxes, locks and clues.  I will admit, I’ve been a reluctant user of the digital breakouts, even though they are all the rage right now.  I just like the feel and satisfaction of opening the lock.  (side note – I also very much prefer an ACTUAL book to screen reading)

It turns out, this group of students like the feel and the chase of the physical locks, too.  I purposely hid clues around the room,  and they were moving back and forth , suspicious that they might have missed some.  Most often, the first try doesn’t work, so after a few tries at the lock, the sweet satisfaction of opening the lock is a relief.

I also chose a digital breakout for the students.  We had some time left and I passed out some devices and gave them a link.  There is still the excitement of finding the puzzle and solving the clues, but it’s a little deflating to just have the lock sequence “accepted” with little fanfare.

These students liked having clues in their hands, sharing them, point on them, passing back and forth.  They liked removing a lock and adding it to the pile of “success”. The little kid in them that still shakes presents before opening gets awakened when playing with the breakouts.

Today was uplifting because I enjoyed watching the students determined to open the lock boxes and solve all the puzzles. I put in a few surprises and the winners received a small prize for opening all the locks in less than 45 minutes. Hooray for great days!


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